How not to lose to the nines? There are at least 5 proven tips for live casino! 1. Orienteering. Always try hard to know where the exit from the room, and it's not just the ability to escape in an emergency. Unlike online casinos, where everything is available to the player within one or two clicks of the mouse, in most real-world live casino gaming tables and machines deliberately arranged so that a visitor confused and could not immediately understand where and how to leave the institution. 2. Be careful with alcohol! Of course, to imagine live casino without champagne is almost impossible, but that does not mean you should forget about a sense of proportion and throw all caution. Remember, the less you drink - the lower the chances to get carried away and go home in your socks. 3. All is not gold that glitters! The brighter the color of the slot machine, the less chance of winning in live casino. You will surely be able to slightly rich, if note the most inconspicuous machine in some quiet corner of the casino. But the most good chance to win - in blackjack and other card games. 4. Hunting tricks. In real live casino, periodically, over the loudspeakers are played the sounds of slot machines at winning. Thus increasing the excitement of the game, and it becomes impossible to stop in time. There are several ways to avoid such effects. The most reliable, of course - to play an online casino. Some casinos in addition to sound, are used special fragrances. The best advice in this situation - do not relax and stay tuned, while playing live casino. 5. Confidence. Most stupid thing you can do during the game is to try to put more neighbors on live casino playing table. Thousands and thousands of players lost fortunes of the mere desire to show off, and would be a shame if something happens to you. Always plan the limited amount of money in live casino, and in any case do not exceed it! Of course, your live casino winnings depend solely on you, and no one is safe from losses, but following these tips will greatly reduce the chances of an unfavorable outcome. Play live casino with your mind - win with pleasure!